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Unveil insights, refine strategies. Our Audit Solutions dissect every layer, from UI/UX experiences to brand resonance and social impact.

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Nepal's Leading UIUX Design Agency

We are on-of-a kind UIUX specialisation design agency crafting Intuitive designs and Interactions for Seamless User Experiences

How to fuse IPCC into your Product ?

Step 1.

Exploration & Discovery

We engage in an initial conversation where we listen attentively to your needs, aspirations, and challenges. We dive deep into understanding your brand, objectives, and target audience. Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your current situation, identifying opportunities for improvement and growth. This phase sets the foundation for a personalized approach that aligns with your vision.

Step 2.

Personalized Solutions Talks

Based on the insights gathered, we craft a custom document outlining comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Through interactive presentations and meaningful discussions, we walk you through our strategies, design concepts, and actionable plans. Your feedback is integral as we refine the approach to match your preferences and goals.

Step 3.

Transformative Collaboration

Once the path is clear, we embark on a collaborative journey. Our team of experts brings your ideas to life with meticulous attention to detail. Regular updates and transparent communication keep you in the loop as we progress. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we ensure that the final outcome aligns seamlessly with your brand's identity and objectives.

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Design Solutions

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What Kind of Design Services are Covered ?

Our UI/UX design services ranges, from research and analysis to prototyping and testing. We deliver End to end design Services.


This means that we create a foundation for excellent product development and enable you to deliver organisational objectives to achieve exceptional results.


We provide Range of Design Services from Market R&D TO Complete Product Design TO Design Audit & Design Revamp.


Here are the in-detail services that Amoeba Labs Cover -

  1. Complete Product Design [App | Website | SAAS]

We provide end-to-end design solutions that cover both applications and websites. From ideation to implementation, we craft seamless and visually compelling user experiences.


  1. Product Design Audit

We analyse existing product designs to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Our audits make sure to point out the lagging things for your company and users to achieve their goal.


  1. Product Revamp 

To stay ahead of design trends, we provide services to refresh and enhance your product’s design, ensuring it aligns with contemporary international standards.


  1. Market R&D

Our team conducts thorough research and analysis to understand market dynamics, user behaviours and personas, and emerging trends, to design and build the most prominent Company for the customers.


  1. Designing Market Fit MVP

We specialise in Figuring Out and Designing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) that not only serve as a market entry point but are meticulously designed for immediate market fit with all the market research and User research.


  1. Advanced Prototyping

With advanced prototyping techniques, we bring your ideas to life, allowing you to visualize and refine your overall product concept before development.

Which Product Design Niche do Amoeba Labs Specialize in ?

Our UX Research and UX/UI design services is suited to a vast number of digital products such as: Websites, Landing Pages, Mobile Apps, Web apps, SaaS platforms and internal management systems & websites.

We specializes in number of sectors such as FinTech, Ed-Tech, E-Commerce, Health-Tech & Corporate Management Systems

Are the Designs Ready to code for Developers ?


Are the Designs Delivered with Prototyping for Visualization ?

Yes, Absolutely! The Designs are delivered in Figma file with all the Prototyping required to Visualized the product as if it is developed. 


Amoeba Labs works on Component and Auto Layout system after figuring out the Design System for that Product. 


For Non Techie Founders : You'll get your design as if the Product is developed with all the Look & Feel.


Teams Involvement and Internal Process involved during Project ?

Here is the detail of what goes inside Amoeba Labs for Design Service Implementation -


R&D Team - Research Phase

Conversation with clients/partners to know their product details, Business Model, Product Goals and all other informations required for the Market R&D


Business Analyst Team - R&D Phase

The Business Analyst Team will analyse all the documents from R&D Team and we’ll present it to the client for verification, further discussion and upgrades.


UX Engineering Team - Wireframing Phase

UX Engineers will begin with Product Low-fidelity design & Wireframes. That will give the founder a clear idea of their product and visualisation of the User Experience we’re building.


Senior UI/UX Designers Team - Visualizing Phase

Senior Designers will Provide shape to the Mid-Fidelity Design of the Product that will give you a clear idea about how your product will look in terms of the services and features you’re providing. 


Mid-Level UI/UX Designers Team - Presentable Phase

Mid-Level Designers will be working on the Contents, image and all other necessary look and feel aspects of the product to make it presentable.


Prototyping Engineers Team - Experiential Phase

Prototyping Engineers will work on the whole experience of the website as if it is developed before going into the development phase. The Product will feel as if developed after this phase.


Senior Business Consultant Team - Product Analysis

The Senior Business Consultant team will sit with the Product Founders, UI/UX Engineering team and others to analyse whether the product is aligned with their Scalable Business model and the changes required for achieving the best possible goal.


Senior Development team - Technical feasibility Analysis

Senior Development team will look after the technical feasibility of the Designed product according to time, resources, requirement and many other factors.


R&D Team - User Testing

Product will be tested with Probable Customers with Similar User Persona. All the feedback from them will be collected, analysed and sent for implementation. 


Senior UI/UX Designers Team - 100% refined Product

The Senior Designer Team will implement all the feedback collected from Business Consultant, Technical Feasibility Team and Probable Customers to build the best Market Fit Product for your Vision. 

Audit Solutions

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Is Design audit important ?

Design audit is very important aspect of Product Revamp cause it help Founder & Stakeholder to analyse and identify potential bottlenecks and usability issues on an Product, including:


- How is the user experience of the Product ?

- Which areas of the Product are causing users friction?

- At what point are they dropping off the Product?

- What aspects of the Product are confusing or distracting to users?

- What are the UX & UI issues that needs to be fixed to make it marketable in 2024 & beyond

What are the Follow-up Services after Design audit ?

After UX Audit, you'll get following Documents 

- Comprehensive Report
- Prioritized Recommendations
- Implementation Guidelines


Also you'll get Consultation Session with Head of Design and Audit Lead that will cover every Question and Query you have. 


After you get UX Evaluation Report & Heuristic Audit you'll have a clear idea of what needs to be worked on your Product. 


So as a Follow-up service you can get Product Revamp service that will cover & solve all the above identified UI/UX issues.

What Kind of product or organisation is suitable for Design audit ?

Design audit is a Modern Approach procedure that’s relevant for both aspiring start-ups and established companies.


Either you are Launching a new product in the market or you want to revamp your product with it's revised values, revised faces & revised Products in the market.


UI/UX & Design Audit is what you need to seek for.

How do I know if my Company needs a Design/Brand audit?

Every audit we’ve done has highlighted usability issues that the client was not aware of. Some were easy wins – glaring problems that dramatically improved the user experience – others were less obvious and required a lot of digging. But every single issue we uncovered has had an impact by making the interface little bit more user-friendly, little less stressful, little more efficient & little more enjoyable to use.


Design Audit is the Procedure, you need to look at frequently to access which direction your company is heading towards and whether it is according to recent market Trend or is leaving behind to Provide best Experience to it's users & Customers.

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